Top 8 Quotes said by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

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1- I hope I’m not a tourist attraction – I’m sure that they come here really because St. Andrews is just amazing, a beautiful place.

2- There’s no pressure; like Kate said, it is about carving your own future. No one is going to try to fill my mother’s shoes; what she did was fantastic. It’s about making your own future and your own destiny, and Kate will do a very good job of that.

3- It’s my mother’s engagement ring so I thought it was quite nice because obviously, she’s not going to be around to share any of the fun and excitement of it all – this was my way of keeping her close to it all.

4- I’m reasonably headstrong about what I believe in, and what I go for, and I’ve got fantastic people around me who give me great support and advice.

5- I just want to go to university and have fun – I want to be an ordinary student. I’m only going to university. It’s not like I’m getting married – though that’s what it feels like sometimes.

6- I get quite lazy about cooking because when I come back from work it is the last thing I want to do, really is spend loads of time cooking.

7- I’m still trying to decide. It’s a really difficult one because I really enjoy my time in the Air Force. And I’d love to continue it. But the pressures of my other life are building. And fighting them off or balancing the two of them has proven quite difficult.

8- My relationship with my grandmother has gone from strength to strength. As a shy, younger man it could be harder to talk about weighty matters. It was: ‘This is my grandmother who is the Queen, and these are serious historical subjects.’

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  1. There is no question that I am a royalist I think the royals serve the British people well I had the honour of playing Queen Elizabeth the second in the 3 movies about Harry and Megan for the Lifetime channel she was a spectacular monarch and I loved playing herI have just.retired due to health problems so thanks for the support from my followers hope I entertained you well and thanks for caring and following me

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