Prince Harry ‘ready to forgive’ Royal family but ‘tables have turned’ as King and William are…

But as per Bond, “the tables have turned somewhat. Messages coming from Harry’s side are that he’s ready at least to forgive and that he loves his family. He’s said that quite publicly. He wants to see more of them,” She added. “But it is Charles and William who seem to be resisting reconciliation at this point so I think it was first one, then the other.”

Royals ‘not happy’ with Harry’s Nigerian trip
The Duke and his wife Meghan recently toured an African country as part of their Invictus milestone. However, once they arrived, the three-day trip was conducted exactly as the royals would conduct their tour. Many criticised the couple for cashing in on the royal name even after being stripped of their royal status. Not only royal followers but also William was reported to be against the idea of the tour.

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