Prince Harry ‘ready to forgive’ Royal family but ‘tables have turned’ as King and William are…

However, the sentiment may not be entirely mutual, with King Charles and Prince William seemingly hesitant to mend the rift. Harry’s recent visit to London for the Invictus Games and his inability to meet his ailing father has opened the floodgates of speculation about what’s next.

Prince Harry ‘ready to forgive’ Royal family
According to BBC’s former royal correspondent Jennie Bond on Times Radio, Prince Harry was initially the one demanding an apology. Bond cited how the estranged royal felt strongly about seeking an apology from the family for alleged slights towards his wife, Meghan Markle. “There was going to be no meeting of minds or meeting in reality until there was an apology for the affronts he thought had been made to his wife.” Bond said. The expert further remarks that now, when the Duke seems ready to mend the years-old rift, King Charles and William might not share the same sentiment.

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